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Seed Bed

The Nile Forum works in one of the most conflicted river basins in the world and its vision is to create a culture of peace, peaceful co-existence and inspiring collaboration among the citizens of the Nile Basin countries. Therefore, 30 of the key societal multipliers who will be engaged in the Nile Forum will take part of a foundation training involving the following components:

  1. Dialogue based on the ‘Nile Forum’ practice.

  2. The culture of Peace

  3. Conflict resolution and Mediation

  4. Being with Land

These above mentioned topics will help the Nile Forum community members to connect with each other and with each others background and rich diversity and to transform conflicts they are facing locally and nationally.

Water Dialogue Workshop

This workshop will allow the Nile Forum to demonstrate its practice to other people outside the Nile Forum community. This workshop will gather people interested in the Nile like practitioners, academics, civil society and young businesses. They will go through a process of dialogue, practising the approach developed by the Nile Forum community.


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