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What we stand for

“To co-exist in positive peace across the Nile Basin, we need a mindset shift towards a collaborative relationship among societies in the region. This paradigm shift will help regenerate the river's ecology and address the livelihood needs of Nile societies, collectively and not individually; hence create positive peace in a resilient Nile Basin. The civil society plays a key role in driving this transformation of the Nile citizens’ consciousness to be collaborative and interconnected”

Fasil Bogale & Mohamed El Mongy (The callers of the seed camp)

The vision of the Nile Forum is of a culture of Peace in the Nile Basin Region.

Therefore the Nile Forum’s mission is to create the conditions for the cultivation of a culture of peace that generatively impacts the land, the water body and the quality of life of people living in the Nile Basin, as well as for Africa and the World.

The Nile Forum’s work is guided by the principle of being with the land and following the life giving nature of the river. This includes building capacities of witnessing subtle social and ecological shifts and listening loudly to the environment. The Nile Forum further celebrates diversity through illuminating the multiple stories that make up the human and nonhuman life of the river.
Our work aims at cultivating deep trust for connecting trans-locally in order to co-create regenerative actions that help transitioning collectively towards a Culture of Peace in the Nile Basin.

Read more about the principles here

The Nile Forum's practice, although particular to a region of Africa, will offer universal practices of how people can live collaboratively in balance and respect with all forms of life so that it can be applied to any part of the world.

Nile Forum Seed Camp - the birthing of the platform

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