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Call for application: Project proposal writer




This call for application is for a proposal writer position. This position is unique in its job description and requirements to fit the needs and structure of the NILE Journeys. This person is simply a talented writer and fluent written English who is experienced with writing proposals, reports, and articles. The person has an entrepreneurial spirit. The person is also comfortable and interested in editing material that serves the fundraising and partnership development of the NILE journeys. More details on the Job description and profile will come later in the document.


Brief about the NILE journeys

The NILE journeys is a platform of Nile basin communities working on regenerating the land, the river, and the society.  The ultimate vision and dream of the NILE Journeys is of ‘a Nile Basin ecosystem that nurtures life-affirming actions’. 

Our mission is to create participatory, experiential learning spaces for the inhabitants of the Nile bio-region and beyond, illuminating the multiple stories of this ecosystem that are rooted in indigenous knowledge and regenerative practices. 

The NILE Journeys work connects community spaces across the region. We call them Community Hubs. They are acupuncture points along the Nile for the impact and regeneration of the social and ecological fields. Through these hubs, we create experiential and participatory learning spaces within the hubs and across hubs. We also aim to profile the stories of these hubs to illuminate positive narratives about Africa to her citizens and beyond. We do that through projects and programs addressing youth, gender, culture, permaculture, land regeneration, water, value chain integration, entrepreneurship development, and exchange.

Job description

This job is for a project proposal writer. It also involves reviewing and editing articles and other material written by the team members and the NILE Journeys’ Community Hubs.  The areas of responsibilities include:


This is the critical responsibility of this role. It involves editing and developing the written proposals concepts relevant to the NILE Journeys essential programs (Land, Water, Arts, Education, Gender and Green business). Then write the proposal and coordinate the write-up. 

  • Researching Funding opportunities: Online researching opportunities for funding the programs and activities of the NILE Journeys. 

  • This entails attendance of events relevant to the NJ and, in some cases presenting the NJ and its activities

  • Fundraising strategy development: This task will be developed in coordination with the host of each circle (department). It is essential for long-term financial sustainability to have a long-term Fundraising strategy

  • Report writing for partners and funders: 


  • CH support in Fundraising and proposal writing: supporting our community hubs in identifying their needs, designing proposals, writing proposals, and pursuing their financial sustainability for their activities and operations.

  • CH support in researching Funding opportunities: many of the community hubs need help in identifying potential funding opportunities and income-generating opportunities.


Profile of the candidate

Experience and background:

  • Proven excellent professional writing skills in English (project documents, proposals, reports, articles, etc.) 

  • Excellent communication skills of spoken English

  • Good spoken French and Arabic are a plus. (Any additional language is an asset)

  • A minimum of 5 years of professional experience in the following areas:

  • Communication (writing, editing, etc.)

  • Proposal writing & Fundraising

  • Program/operations management/project management in one of the following: NGO, community space, co-working space, sustainable food chain, eco-center, ecovillage, wellness & healing center, café or coffee space, or Artspace. Marketing  Experience (promotion, sales, market research, etc.)

  • Background (Academic or professional) in one or more of the following disciplines: Environment & Ecosystem services, Sustainable development, international development, Climate Change, Water resources, Political science (Focus on Africa), Governance & public administration, or African studies. 

  • An understanding of how economics and politics intersect with the field of environment worldwide and in Africa

  • Knowledge of crowdfunding campaigns and sources of NGOs funding are vital assets 

  • Additional valuable skills are graphic harvesting, facilitation, and visual art. 

  • Financial management and budgeting are a plus

Personal attributes and skills:

  • Entrepreneurial skills and ability to work independently with minimum supervision 

  • Comfort in stressful situations and unpredictable circumstances.

  • Ability to coordinate virtually different threads of communication and projects 

  • Willingness to learn about the Nile basin and Africa in general

  • Ability to connect virtually with a team located in different countries and with different schedules

  • Personal qualities of strategic thinking, multitasking skills, attention to details, resilience, patience, perseverance, open-mindedness, team spirit and collaborative attitude, creativity, initiative-taking, ability to navigate conflicts


Application and selection

To apply, kindly send the following documents to by the 7th of February 2022

  • Motivation letter highlighting why this job interests you, why you are the right fit for it, and if you are an excellent fit to participate in the NILE journeys. 

  • Recent CV

  • A sample of a previous project proposal you have compiled

Pre-selected applicants will be communicated with for a short zoom interview before the selection.

Working conditions

This job opportunity is mainly to work from home with possible travels within the Nile Basin region on a need basis. It is part-time (2 to 3 days per week) with a growing organization with a diverse team. It also requires flexibility and agility more than long experience. 

Work is primarily online and closely with the project managers 

The compensation is adequate for someone with five years of experience in Egypt. The contract is not negotiable based on the candidates’ experience. There will be a three months’ probation period.  

This position is reporting directly to one of the members of the steering committee

You can download the call for application document here


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