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Core Team

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Maria Scordialos is a process artist, host and social entrepreneur, creating the conditions for humanity to live its fullest potential. She offers her natural ability to see patterns, create structure and design processes so that new solutions and forms can be co-created. Maria has applied this through working as a corporate director in the public sector in the UK, a consultant, a co-initiator of the Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations, as well as a founder of the Living Wholeness Institute. She is currently also co-founding AoH-Athens in Greece, an initiative bringing participative leadership in time of collapse and crisis.


Maria’s upbringing in an international environment has gifted her with the ability to contextualize, be adaptable and become sensitive to the unspoken elements of a culture, to be able to see and deeply cherish the beauty of diversity and plurality. As a citizen of the world, a big part of her work is for the commons, for the public sphere, for democracy. The past seven years of living first hand the collapse in Greece has been her practice ground and fertile soil of supporting the seeding of the new systems..


Maria is a natural leader and visionary, drawing out people’s potential and talents. She brings clarity amidst the most chaotic of circumstances, and making things tangible, always with her characteristic sense of humor and lightheartedness. Maria’s unique perception allows her to connect seemingly unconnected things and naturally create designs. She helps with the transition point between the invisible and the visible, and then focuses on the practical, real-life application of that emergent intelligence. She does this through her deep practice of working with the not-knowing, with waiting, listening, and noticing emergence, which permeates her work and her life.


Maria holds a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA).

Fasil Bogale is a chartered accountant (ACMA, CGMA) and founding partner of Community Focused Accountancy. Fasil decided to leave a successful career in London working for renowned  asset management firm, European Credit Management, in search of a way to provide support for local communities and sustainable living initiatives. He currently provides financial advice and support to several Findhorn Ecovillage Community-based organisations in the North of Scotland. Two examples are Gaia Education and CIFAL, for which he is treasurer, and works on their international projects for sustainability. Fasil is Ethiopian and lived in Addis Ababa until the age of 10. He was then educated in UK and has lived most of his life in London. Fasil is a practical and down to earth person who, enjoys assisting and connecting with people deeply on an individual basis. He’s a behind-the-scenes man, making sure the work gets done! He is married with one daughter.

Luea Ritter has a background as an art curator, having led international trans-disciplinary organizations. She is trained in Systemic Constellation, Cranio-Sacral and Trauma therapy and over many years explored a range of holistic methods.


Her work weaves together innovative change methods, the arts, healing as well as community building and conflict resolution practices to strengthen participatory dialogue and collaboration for healthy longer-term solutions to emerge for all. A special focus is working with the land and regenerative and living systems design.


She stewards cross-sector and societal transition processes working internationally in diverse sectors (ecology, arts, education, civil society engagement, social entrepreneurship, etc.). She supports fair, inclusive and transformative developments that embrace complexity, hidden patterns and untapped potentials. She is dedicated to co-creating conscious environments, where the whole can unfold serenely and where everyone can find their unique contributions for the challenge we are facing as a global community.

Mohamed El Mongy is one of Misriyati’s co-founders. After spending two years in AIESEC International as Director for Africa, finished and worked on a number of sustainable development issues and projects in different African countries; Egypt, Senegal, Ghana, Kenya and Morocco. He then worked in environmental consultancy and earned his Masters in Environment and Development in Edinburgh University. Mongy is passionate about pan-Africanity (Humanly inclusive African identity).


He is the caller for the establishment of the Nile Forum as a platform for civil society across the Nile basin. Mongy is a certified mediator and part of the Steering Committee of Misriyati working on conflict transformation projects on the grass root and community level as well as on the corporate level. Mongy facilitated more than 200 workshops, conferences and events all through his life journey. 

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Sailesi Lusias is a steward of the Art of Hosting, meditator and permaculturist. Sailesi’s experience enables him to bring a genuine appreciation for diversity and a capacity for hosting groups into more reflective places. He has been a key leader in Kufunda Learning Village in Zimbabwe since its inception in 2002 until 2011. Kufunda Learning Village is a learning centre that helps rural people to build self-reliance at multiple levels. To enable communities to survive Zimbabwe's challenging socio-economic environment, Kufunda demonstrates how to use environmentally and economically sustainable living practices so that each community can take care of itself and not be dependent on the failing system to cover its basic food, health, and educational needs. Sailesi lives currently in Germany.

Névine Camel-Toueg holds a genuine desire to help spreading a culture of peace, and regenerate the African land and heritage. She has over ten years experience in management and consultancy with a special focus on business development and transformation, project management, and advisory services for social startups and development projects.

Having begun her career in 2008 as Hotel Project Coordinator at Orascom Hotels & Development (OHD), a leading developer of fully integrated tourism destinations, Névine quickly moved up the career ladder and in 2012 assumed the role of Business Transformation Manager at OHD's parent company, Orascom Development Holding (ODH). As part of her responsibilities, Ms. Camel-Toueg oversaw business strategy and organizational development, and helped streamline operational processes at ODH's head office and across all business units with a presence in nine countries across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

This experience in a large corporate framework allowed her hone her professional skills. However, in this context, her inner calling for enabling deep and mindful human connections and working toward African land and heritage regeneration was not fulfilled.

In mid-2014, she opted for a life shift to align her work with her worldview and established herself as an independent management and transformation consultant, advising for a diverse range of projects and social enterprises. Key social entrepreneurship and grassroots initiatives projects on which Névine has collaborated have focused on pursuing new livelihoods for rural women, addressing the ever-growing affordable housing needs, enhancing governmental technical education practices and introducing the digital concept of “clickfunding”.

Today, alongside her Nile Forum functions, Névine works as a co-founder of Sycamore Consulting. This social enterprise established in 2017 is striving to help institutions and collectives achieve meaningful accomplishments. It provides services in management advisory, conflict transformation, dialogue & reflection spaces, and community development to small, mid-size and large enterprises as well as civil society organizations and governmental institutions.

A dual French-Egyptian national, Ms. Camel-Toueg graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science degree in International Hospitality Management from the Ecole Hotelier de Lausanne, Switzerland.

Nahom T Haile is an Ethiopian Multipotentialite, striving to master the different approaches to optimize existing systems, bridge communication gaps, uncover the driving force fueling them and nurture potentials to reach their maximum capacity.

His eyes light up at a good cup of coffee. He gets a sense of security and comfort from fellow humans and is always thrilled to be in a new place. He never missed the opportunity to impact more than one self, and appreciates the intricate designs in nature and human creations.

Currently he works as a Creative Director for an advertising firm in Ethiopia while contributing to the Just Governance for Human Security Forum, the Nile Forum and other initiatives driven by the same cause of bring and sustain lasting change for good.

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