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What we do

The Nile Forum's work fosters an approach of regenerative cultures by resurfacing, discovering, and interconnecting ancient and current Nile rooted practices for a peaceful present and for the sustainability of generations to come. This Nile Forum work will be done through different means: trainings, gatherings, learning journeys, cultural projects, interactive website, social media, research.


Plan for 2017

- SEED BED a capacity building foundation training on Dialogue, the culture of Peace, Conflict Resolution and mediation

- Create online and physical learning spaces

- Create a Nile identity story book/ Video by a learning journey

This will be a short documentary about two to three locations visited by the Nile Forum, highlighting the key aspects of connection and shared stories with the Nile and a photography / stories book, documenting a number stories of the cultural heritage of the Nile Basin.

- Water Dialogue workshop

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