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Welcome to NILE journeys, formerly known as the Nile Forum

The NILE.journeys’s mission is to nurture a culture of peace that regeneratively impacts the land, the water body and the quality of life of people living in the Nile Basin. The deep aspiration is to reimagine and reactivate the Nile region as a community of communities and give voice to its multiple stories that reflect the richness and diversity of this bioregion.

Our efforts focus on building resilience at the local level while creating interconnections across the different Nile cultures.

Please note that THE NILE journeys website is currently under transition; developing content that reflects it's current mission and direction taken. Thus, the content on this website is potentially outdated and reflects on our journey than our current status. If you would like to get in touch with us please do email us at


The Vision of the Nile Forum is of a culture of Peace in the Nile Basin region.

Therefore the Nile Forum’s Mission is to create the conditions for the cultivation of a culture of peace that generatively impacts the land, the water body and the quality of life of people living in the Nile Basin, as well as for Africa and the World.

Seed Bed

The Seed Bed will be a foundation training involving:


-Dialogue based on the ‘Nile Forum’ practice.

-The culture of Peace

-Conflict resolution and Mediation

-Being with Land

These above mentioned topics will help the Nile Forum community members to connect with each other

Share your wisdom

The Nile Forum aims to be a platform for everyone who feels connected to the Nile and wants to serve in this sense.

If you have thoughts, ideas, information or wisdom to share about the Nile, it's people, how to foster Nile connection or related topics, please do so here

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